New posts, they are a-comin’ …and some news!

Wow. I really didn’t think that rolling that clock forward an hour could have wreaked such havoc on my schedule but apparently it has, as evidenced by the lack of posts this week even though we’ve got a few shoots tucked away and ready to blog! I read in the paper on Sunday that it takes a week to recover from the time change so I feel completely justified in my tardiness. More posts coming tomorrow – stay tuned!

And now for some cool news – the Tim Chin store is now open! We’ll be posting all the images for our new clients this year at our online store. If you want to get someone you love the gift of awesome images and a fun time of shooting, posing and going all Vogue with Tim and I, sail on over to for gift certificates!

And lastly but very importantly – our 2009 wedding calendar is quickly filling up! Our summer season is completely full and the fall is starting to reach capacity. To give all our wedding and portrait clients our utmost attention and care, we cap the number of weddings we shoot per season. We will be accepting 3 more wedding commissions for 2009, so don’t wait too long to get in touch!



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