One of the things we’ll remember most from Ellen and Ryan’s wedding were the glances and beaming smiles they kept exchanging through their hour long wedding ceremony. There was something so sweet and meaningful about those small moments that stood out even in a day and evening full of big, happy moments – the audible gasps as Ellen showed her bridemaids her dress; the raucous laughter as speeches were shared and fake noses and glasses were donned by the bridal party; the non-stop high energy dancing that stretched into the night. The Ponds at Bolton Valley in Vermont was the perfect idyllic setting for a gathering of Ellen and Ryan’s closest friends and family. The gorgeous details and decor were done with the utmost care by Ellen’s aunt, which just made everything all the more meaningful. Tim and I felt like such a part of the proceedings – from the warmth we felt as walked in the door to Ellen’s parent’s house to the conversations we were having with different guests throughout the night. It all just underscored what a genuinely sweet couple Ryan and Ellen are and how much they are loved. Some of our favorite images below: