November 12, 2007

All in the family

Two family portrait shoots this weekend – which we don’t normally do, but both shoots were a lot of fun. First on Saturday we had Emile and Celine and their adorable kids over in our home studio. We just started going over the shots tonight and this particular one caught my eye:


Tim had fired off multiple bursts so he didn’t realize he had caught their little daughter mid-yawn. So cute.

And today the O’Keeffe clan braved the chilly November temperatures for a couple of hours for their family shoot. The sun was out though, so with the leaves still on the ground, it made for some really nice images. They were a such a fun group of people – they were cheerful and rowdy and it made for a good time for everyone in spite of the cold. Here’s a shot taken on the steps of Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield, we decided to try departing from the typical traditional family portrait:


Not the easiest thing, trying to set up a shot with almost 20 folks who were freezing and bickering (albeit merrily!) with each other but we got it done, along with all the permutations of cousins, siblings, parents, families.

~ Ange