November 23, 2007

Anthony & Elaine

So Tim and I drove down to Toronto this past weekend for Anthony and Elaine’s wedding – after fighting with rush hour traffic and desperately looking for a place to go a long overdue oil change – and after crashing at his brother’s place in Toronto we made the drive to Burlington the next morning to meet up with the bride and her bridesmaids at the hair salon. Honestly, Burlington was different than I had pictured it. I counted 6 spas/hair salons in a 2 block radius nestled in between cute little restaurants and cafes by the waterfront. It was a great setting for their wedding day. Anthony and Elaine are fun, beautiful people and after we did their fantastic engagement shoot, we were looking forward to shooting the wedding.

The bling:


Elaine checking out her maid of honor’s hairdo:

Girls at hair salon

A few moments before the ceremony started:






And the groom really gettin’ down with it on the dancefloor: