November 13, 2007

Autumn Wrap-up (…almost)

I say “almost” because we have one more wedding next week and then and we’re done for the year. Following that, in addition to getting out the photos from the sessions we’ve been doing, we’ll be in full-out panic mode preparing for the bridal show “Marions-Nous” at the beginning of January.

So before the frenzy begins, a small wrap-up is in order. Some of the photos below are on our website but I thought I’d share just a few of our favorite shots from the various weddings:

Winnie and Hong at the beginning of September: somehow, after picking up the bride, a tea ceremony at the bride’s house, a tea ceremony at the groom’s house, lunch, bridal party photo session at the park and before the church ceremony, we managed to find time to stop by Bilboquet in Westmount for some ice cream.



Winnie and Hong scored a free ice cream of their choice. Everyone else had to pay.

Rebecca and Crosby were married the weekend after. It was a beautiful merging of two families of different cultures and the bride and groom, although claiming to be shy initially at the engagement session, did not hold back the affection for the photos. Rebecca is also very close to the Lewis family, whose kids were all her flower girls and ring bearer – and they in turn were very attached to her. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the day:





Crosby’s family sharing a traditional African song with the guests:

Peter and Haizhen were married on a rainy day in mid-September, and mercifully it stopped raining when we headed out for pictures. Since it was too cold for outdoor shots, we dashed into the bar at the Place d’Armes hotel for a few shots, and then headed for the Centre de Commerce Mondiale for more pictures (where I had to charm a security guard into letting us take a few pictures while they were setting up for another wedding reception) before getting the bride to the restaurant where the reception was held for her touch-up.ph_slideshow_062.jpg



Hanshen and Michelle’s wedding followed the Chinese tradition of picking up the bride at her house, and tea ceremonies at the bride and groom’s parents’ houses respectively. In general Chinese folks aren’t terribly emotional at all, and so I was touched away by the emotion from the bride and groom and their families during the wedding and reception. Here are some of our favorite shots from the day:



It was raining that day too, so where do all the wedding photographers go when it rains? Why, the Centre de Commerce Mondiale of course. I counted 10, yes, TEN brides and their families and bridal parties milling about the indoor Ruelle de Fortifications. Since the ceremony was at the Palais de Justice in the vicinity it didn’t make sense for us to try to find another locale. You can actually see one of the other brides in the background of the picture here:


However, we managed to steer ourselves away from the brides all lining up to take their pictures near the fountain, explored the adjoining hotel that was connected indoors and found quite a few architecturally beautiful spaces – and we had it all to ourselves. I later found out that we were in the St-James hotel – one of the poshest hotels in Montreal.


And that concludes our wrap up of the autumn season. Come back for more updates next week!