March 24, 2011

At home with Aimee and her boys

In addition to loving photography, Tim and I also really, really really love food. The Food Network is on at our place almost all the time and I keep storing away ideas to try. Mind you, although I love eating, cooking is another matter altogether – while Tim is a solid home cook, I’m kind of a hot mess in the kitchen. You’ll find me overreaching in my overambition, surrounded by steaming and bubbling pots on the stove, a counter full of half chopped ingredients, apron askew and me wringing my hands in stress and wailing “TIM!! Help meeeee!

So needless to say, its a treat when a real foodie and chef-turned-prolific blogger cooks for us. So of course we were more than happy to show up at Aimee’s place a couple of weekends ago when she asked us to get some shots of her and her adorable little boys in action as well as a couple of portraits. Check out some of our favorite shots here and then please visit her blog Under the High Chair and also Simple Bites for which Aimee is the editor, to get ideas for some yummy eats!