August 31, 2015

Emily & Diogo: Married! | Montreal Wedding Photography

When you get the dads going, you know you’re going to have an emotional day. The tears started within the first few minutes at Emily and Diogo’s wedding, the joy was so palpable I may have shed a few of my own from behind the lens. It would’ve been hard not to feel nothing but immense joy and excitement for these two wonderfully good natured, quirky and laughter-loving individuals. Culture was celebrated too, Diogo’s family is Portuguese, but because Emily had some Jewish roots, Diogo’s family not only learned about the significance of a Chuppah, but then proceeded to construct in the beautiful Birk’s Chapel where they had the ceremony. The evening was capped with a Portuguese dance troup who got everyone involved in the festivities.

The weather was perfect, and provided opportunity for Bice, where the reception was hosted, to have dinner al fresco under the stars and city lights. The atmosphere was elegant yet intensely comfortable – a vibe that totally befits Emily and Diogo’s personalities.  Every detail was so heartfelt and honest, from the hand painted signs to the poloroid-styled place cards with nostalgic photos of them with each guest. Memories beget memories.

Here are a few of my favourites from the evening and a few from their engagement session which we photographed a few weeks prior.


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