February 11, 2016

Valerie + LP | Montreal Wedding Photography

Excitement was always in the air at Valerie and LP’s wedding. It was impeccably hosted by the wonderful people at Chateau Vaudreuil and we had a wonderfully beautiful day to boot. Here are a few of my favourite images:


15-211_ValLP_200026 15-211_ValLP_200034 15-211_ValLP_200066-Edit 15-211_ValLP_200097 15-211_ValLP_200227 15-211_ValLP_200234 15-211_ValLP_200243 15-211_ValLP_200294 15-211_ValLP_200296 15-211_ValLP_200301 15-211_ValLP_200342 15-211_ValLP_200353 15-211_ValLP_200370 15-211_ValLP_200397 15-211_ValLP_200460 15-211_ValLP_200470 15-211_ValLP_200507 15-211_ValLP_200649 15-211_ValLP_200652 15-211_ValLP_200660 15-211_ValLP_200739 15-211_ValLP_200808 15-211_ValLP_200851 15-211_ValLP_200856 15-211_ValLP_200867 15-211_ValLP_200904 15-211_ValLP_200911 15-211_ValLP_200941