March 1, 2016

Anouk & Danny | Montreal Elopement Photography

All you need is love.

Anouk and Danny, together for several years and already a family with their two curious and adorable children wanted to solidify their union together without fanfare, without a reception hall and without a guest list. Music was provided by a bluetooth speaker conspicuously hidden in Danny’s suit jacket. Decor was supplied by fully automatic bubble guns, with the kids left in charge. There were 8 people present, including myself.

The weather gave us some drama, starting with full on rain, and then as a kind of a blessing of their marriage the sun came out just in time for the not-so-short, not-so-long trek up the hill to the small park that they had reserved for the ceremony.

The day was not short on emotion – as casual as the details may have been, the commitment that they made to each other was not any less profound. It was a joy for me to photograph.

Here are a few of my favourite images of the day:

001_15-203_AnoukDanny_1001 002_15-203_AnoukDanny_1111 003_15-203_AnoukDanny_1036 004_15-203_AnoukDanny_1069 005_15-203_AnoukDanny_1071 006_15-203_AnoukDanny_1046 007_15-203_AnoukDanny_1084 008_15-203_AnoukDanny_1119 009_15-203_AnoukDanny_1133 010_15-203_AnoukDanny_1141 011_15-203_AnoukDanny_1145 012_15-203_AnoukDanny_1147 013_15-203_AnoukDanny_1165 014_15-203_AnoukDanny_1170 015_15-203_AnoukDanny_1174 016_15-203_AnoukDanny_1177 017_15-203_AnoukDanny_1257 018_15-203_AnoukDanny_1212 019_15-203_AnoukDanny_1270 020_15-203_AnoukDanny_1258 021_15-203_AnoukDanny_1317 022_15-203_AnoukDanny_1288 023_15-203_AnoukDanny_1376 024_15-203_AnoukDanny_1346 025_15-203_AnoukDanny_1392 026_15-203_AnoukDanny_1400 027_15-203_AnoukDanny_1418 028_15-203_AnoukDanny_1473 029_15-203_AnoukDanny_1481 030_15-203_AnoukDanny_1496