June 8, 2016

Mila & Paul | Tremblant Wedding Photography

On what was maybe the most beautiful day of the year last year, Mila and Paul were married at the Hotel Quintessence in Tremblant. Their reception intimate, only the closest of family and friends were in attendance. These two gentle and kind souls were so gracious and easy going hearts filled both the significance of the day and the thorough enjoyment of the moment.

Wedding Planner: An English Rose
Officiant: Mariage a Bras Ouvert

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day:
18_15-212_MilaPaul_200058 19_15-212_MilaPaul_200078 20_15-212_MilaPaul_200126 21_15-212_MilaPaul_200153 22_15-212_MilaPaul_200159-Edit 23_15-212_MilaPaul_200186-Edit 24_15-212_MilaPaul_200203 25_15-212_MilaPaul_200196 26_15-212_MilaPaul_200349-Edit 27_15-212_MilaPaul_200336 28_15-212_MilaPaul_200428 29_15-212_MilaPaul_200391 30_15-212_MilaPaul_200435 31_15-212_MilaPaul_200413-Edit 32_15-212_MilaPaul_200466 33_15-212_MilaPaul_200494 34_15-212_MilaPaul_200547 35_15-212_MilaPaul_200551 36_15-212_MilaPaul_200627-Edit 37_15-212_MilaPaul_200678 38_15-212_MilaPaul_200679 39_15-212_MilaPaul_200694 40_15-212_MilaPaul_200727 41_15-212_MilaPaul_200760 42_15-212_MilaPaul_200706 43_15-212_MilaPaul_200821-Edit