August 4, 2016

Daphmy + Luc | Montreal Wedding Photography

Luc didn’t know it at the time, but he was one of my very first clients. Sort of. Back when I was just getting this photography thing off the ground I got a call from Carol Bernard, the director of the immensely talented and blessed Jireh Gospel Choir. When he and Daphmy came to see me, they said they had been following my work for awhile – but in my mind the whole time, I was thinking, “Really, I thought it was me who was following you guys”.

Fast forward 10 years. Daphmy and Luc were married in front of a thousand of their closest friends and family on a beautiful day in April. Jireh Gospel Choir sang amazingly, followed by the most incredible Gospel organ solo I have ever heard played by Luc’s dear friend and groomsman. Both Luc and Daphmy hold their faith so dear to their hearts, to watch and witness their worship during their ceremony was truly a blessed experience for me to capture.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the day:


001_DaphmyLuc_200012 002_DaphmyLuc_200065 003_DaphmyLuc_20016116-206_DaphmyLuc_200182 005_DaphmyLuc_200194 006_DaphmyLuc_200237 007_DaphmyLuc_200303 008_DaphmyLuc_200324 009_DaphmyLuc_200341 010_DaphmyLuc_200448 011_DaphmyLuc_200437 012_DaphmyLuc_200452 013_DaphmyLuc_200457 014_DaphmyLuc_200392 015_DaphmyLuc_200471 016_DaphmyLuc_200462 017_DaphmyLuc_200418 018_DaphmyLuc_200503 019_DaphmyLuc_200559 020_DaphmyLuc_200573 021_DaphmyLuc_200647 022_DaphmyLuc_200698 023_DaphmyLuc_200706 024_DaphmyLuc_200744 025_DaphmyLuc_200785 026_DaphmyLuc_200946 027_DaphmyLuc_200880 028_DaphmyLuc_200966 029_DaphmyLuc_200981 030_DaphmyLuc_200904