July 4, 2017

Dominique + Dave | Montreal Surprise Wedding

I photographed a surprise wedding.

In the bitter depth of winter, Dave invited 70 closest friends and family to what was supposed to be a surprise engagement party for Dominique. Crammed in to the fantastic Pizzeria Melrose, in Montreal’s NDG neighbourhood, the guests were expecting to surprise the bride-to-be as she walked through the front door with their blessings and love. None of them knew that they were actually already at the wedding. Dom & Dave even sneaked in through the back entrance to lay the bewilderment on with broad strokes. There would be no more waiting, no more planning, and no more pondering, it was time to eat, drink and be married! The wedding was happening now!

As they slowly made their way to the front, Dom and Dave were assailed with hugs and tears and the joy in the room became thick with authenticity. Though the levity in the room was strong, the significance of the commitment they were making to each other at that moment carried its appropriate weight. Their eyes told that story well, and everyone in the room could not have doubted that.

Pizza, as it turns out, plays in important role in their relationship – Dom and Dave’s engagement announcement came through a photo posted from Italy, with pizza in the background. The folks at Melrose did a wonderful job keeping everyone stuffed with very-much-not-your-average-pizza, and as the night progressed the spirit of the whole celebration warmed even that cold February evening. Bellies filled with comforting food, the evening lived on with an unexpected, unfiltered, uninhibited party.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day: