May 10, 2018

24 Frames from Amelia+Eric’s IKEA engagement shoot

I have been absent from this space for a little while, neglecting to maintaining this little corner of the internet. And like all new year’s resolutions that begin in May, I’m putting out a commitment to be better starting now! The truth is, I really wanted to share these images from Amelia and Eric’s IKEA engagement shoot.

Normally ‘themed’ engagement shoots are not really my thing. My aim is to capture the real and authentic – to tell stories about the people in these photos. The goal is that the viewer can get a glimpse of who these stranger truly are. Perhaps what their relationship is like and maybe aspire a little bit for the love they share. That is why, whenever possible, I love to shoot engagement pictures at locations that have a history for the couple. When I heard that Amelia and Eric met and fell in love while working at IKEA – there was no alternative. Bonus: I also got to accomplish one of my secret dreams: to visit an IKEA with no one else around.

As you’ll see, these two are affectionate, fun-loving and joyful people. They are so easy to like with smiles that light up the room. Upon arriving at IKEA Montreal, it became abundantly clear that these two are also universally loved by the people around them. Former co-workers leaving for the day could not cross paths with them without enveloping Amelia with hugs or shaking Eric’s hand with the accompanying ear-to-ear smile. I am so excited to photograph their wedding, I know it is going to be filled with love and heartfelt true celebration.

Now I love IKEA for it’s affordable furniture and minimal aesthetic as much as anyone. But all other times I’ve been, the experience has been frenetic capitulated with the anxiety of going in trying very hard to first: only buy the thing I went there for, and to second: not get lost. Going in with former employees is like going into the wilderness with a guide. They explained the layout as we went from showroom to showroom, and we navigated through without my usual IKEA confusion. We all got to experience IKEA as a strangely calm and peaceful place!

This shoot was tons of fun and I hope that shows.

Here are the 24 frames from our day at IKEA: