May 17, 2018

A Ferris Wheel, A Horse and the City Lights | Montreal Engagement Photography

Old Port is a top pick on many couples’ lists for where to have photos taken. The cobblestone roads, the narrow streets, and the 4 century old buildings breathe a character more reminiscent of Europe than a major North American metropolis.

For a Montreal wedding photographer, though, Old Port can run the risk of feeling like “another day in the office”. In some ways when things become too familiar we forget to appreciate the things that are special about it.

I feel like there’s definitely a metaphor for life in there somewhere.

Carissa and Tommy flew in from remote Manitoba to do their engagement shoot a few weeks ago. And though we were making photographs, I also feel that it is important to be a good host to out-of-towners. So as we’re walking around, scoping out a nook or cranny for the next shot – I tried to make a point to identify good restaurants, or local anecdotes on our walk about town. And as we walked, it suddenly hit me – Old Montreal is quite a beautiful place. It would do us Montrealers good to not take it for granted.

For Carissa and Tommy this was a little bit of an escape (and a trek!). It took Tommy about a full day of travel just to make it to Montreal. On top of that we moved the shoot a day earlier to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. I’m glad we did because seeing these two together it was an embodiment of a line in that Edward Sharpe song, Home. “Home is wherever I’m with you”. These two exude such a comfort of being together. You get the sense that their satisfaction comes simply from the other’s presence. It is joyful to witness.

Please enjoy some of these images: