Jessica & Jameson – A Love for the Ages

August 25, 2020

Weddings are meant to be beginnings; of life and future pointed beyond the foreseeable. Two years ago today Jess and Jameson celebrated one of the most magical of days that I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing in my 15 years of shooting.⠀

You dream of these days because everything was aligned, from the wholly incredible team that worked that day with us, to the impossibly perfect weather, to impeccable details that personalized every occupiable space.⠀

But all these things would’ve meant nothing had it not been for the kinds of people who Jess and Jameson are: the kind of people who are filled with palpable, undeniable love. And I don’t mean “love” in *just* the prototypical “weddingy-romantic” kind of fairy-tale love, but love that is entrenched deeply in kindness, rooted by family that simultaneously surrounds and supports and shelters. Theirs is the kind of love that inspires, and motivates and sources strength. ⠀

This past weekend the world lost Jess to cancer. ⠀

Words cannot express the immeasurable sense of loss we feel for Jameson and for Jess’s whole closely knit family. Our hearts run heavy for them. And even though our paths crossed only briefly, we are changed people because Jess graced our lives with her incredible joie-de-vivre. Her smile will continue to encourage us for years to come. ⠀

We send you all our love